Tuesday, November 13, 2012

B-Day Wish

Thanks to so many of you who have already wished me a happy birthday (it's tomorrow). On top of that, AEM recently turned 2! Help my birthday wish come true and throw in a few dollars to help me get back to DC and speak on behalf of the indentured educated class. The time is now! Things have changed on the Hill, and we must begin lobbying harder than ever before. Every dollar counts.

So, no surprise, you wanna know what my my birthday wish is? Raise money to get me back to DC, walking the musty halls, with all that peeling paint and all those super bored, yet friendly guardsmen, to speak with Congressional leaders about ways in which to solve the student lending crisis. Golly! I already told you that, didn't I? Oh well, a birthday girl forgets after she's hoped for some birthday presents.

But waita minute. Just wait one minute. What the heck am I talkin' about? I don't wish to speak with our leaders, but rather list out all the plans I have to actually solve the problem. I got 'em, folks. I do!

Truth be told, AEM is struggling to stay afloat, so your donation - whatever amount it may be - will help it survive.

 Donate today!

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"Who the hell would put such an ugly doll on my cake? I wanted donations for the indentured educated class!"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rolling Jubilee: You Are Not A Loan

Occupy Wall Street has launched an ingenious campaign, something that is truly beyond capitalism. Just as they have stepped in to help victims of Sandy (OPERATION Occupy Sandy), the collective group of dreamers, activists, and community lovers have decided a new angle to the solving the debt crisis - a bailout for the people and by the people. The People's Bailout, cleverly called a Rolling Jubilee, begins on November 15th!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012 Result: Forecast for Student Loan Borrowers

I have been asked to write an OP-ED for SpareChange about the way in which the 2012 election will affect student loan borrowers. Stay tuned for that analysis.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's time . . .

Indentured educated citizens, with these wins, it is TIME to get back to DC and get back to work. It's TIME to solve the student lending crisis. It's our TIME to do it. It's TIME to go home and get work done.

Good News for Student Loan Debtors! Elizabeth Warren Wins in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren once said, long before she won this election this evening, that "student loan debt collectors have power that would make mobsters envious." As I write this short update, Senator Brown is giving his concession speech. With Warren on the Hill, I suspect we're going to see some good outcomes for people who are struggling or unable to pay back their loans. This is a major win for the indentured educated class.

Congratulations to Dr. Warren, her hard-working team, and all of the volunteers who knocked on doors, called, and donated to her campaign.

I can assure all of you, I will be visiting her new office in DC and very soon!

PHOTO: Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren waves as she arrives to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on September 5, 2012.
Photo Credit: AP J. Scott Applewhite

UPDATE In Warren's victory speech, she said, "To all the young people who did everything right and are drowning in debt, we're going to invest in you."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Student Loans and the Candidates: Obama's Team Responds, Romney's Camp Remains Silent

Several months ago, I reached out to the Obama campaign team and the Romney campaign team to ask them several questions about the student lending crisis and higher education reform. Read to the end to see how the Romney team responded (spoiler alert: it's terribly disappointing). When I contacted Clo Ewing, a campaign spokeswoman, for the Obama campaign, she was at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. So, as you can imagine, she was, uh, pretty busy. Despite being swamped and involved in, Lord knows, millions of activities there, she provided me with answers in less than 24 hours.

She first made the point to say: "I think it is clear that the Democratic party, including the President, has acknowledged that there is a student lending crisis, and that young people (Millienials) are struggling to start families, buy homes, etc. at this juncture." Good answer (obviously). A lot has change since I asked Jim Messina, Campaign Manager for the Obama Campaign, questions about student loan debt in September of 2011. This exchange took place during a conference call with over 60 student leaders, including AEM. Messina took questions at the end of the conference chat. When asked how the President planned on solving the student lending crisis, and the fact that outstanding student loan debt was projected to hit $1 trillion by June of 2012, which it now has, Messina said, “That’s a good question. The Administration has worked hard to protect Pell Grants and also supports programs that make repayment easier.”   

Ewing's response illustrates a different tone, an actual recognition of the problem. 

I then asked her a few more questions:

CCJ: When it comes to student loan debt, do you think it will play a role in how younger voters who are educated and saddled with debt will vote?

CE: Yes, young people and their parents are going to vote for what is in their best interests and are going to vote for a President who understands the importance of making college more accessible and affordable.

CCJ: Do you think they are more inclined to vote for Pres. Obama or Mitt Romney?

CE: Young people and their parents are acutely aware of the President's commitment to making college more accessible and affordable. Young people will vote for President Obama in part because they recognize that he has doubled the number of Pell Grants and worked to ensure that graduates will not have to pay more than 10 percent of their salaries on they recognize that Mitt Romney's answer to struggling student is to "shop around" and that he support a budget that would slash student loans.

CCJ: If Romney were to win office, what would this mean for borrowers with student loan debt?

CE: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have made very clear they are not committed to making college more accessible and affordable, which would likely mean fewer students would have access to higher education.

As I mentioned, I also asked these same questions when I communicated with Allie Brandenburger, Regional Press Secretary for the Romney Campaign. She wrote me a friendly note, told me that to send my questions along, and so I did just that. And then I waited for a response. Nothing happened. No one answered. And their convention, mind you, was long over. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

AEM Turns Two!

Thanks to those of you who continue to support All Education Matters. On October 27th, AEM turned 2!

Please help keep AEM going this year by donating - AEM's status has to be renewed in the state of Delaware by the 31st of October.

Stay tuned for some big news, too!

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